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In October 2022, the KLSD community voted to allow the Katonah-Lewisboro District to bond for up to $49.5 M for capital projects at all five schools: Increase Miller Elementary School, Katonah Elementary School, Meadow Pond Elementary School, John Jay Middle School, and John Jay High School.

This project represents the Katonah-Lewisboro community’s decision to fund a major investment in our school district's infrastructure and facilities. It's a testament to our commitment to providing a safe, modern and enriching learning environment for our students. 

This section of the District’s website is devoted to keeping the KLSD community updated on the status of the work associated with the capital project. The District will update the site with photos, videos, and status updates as it goes through the project process. Please check back for updates and new information.

capital project process

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timeline and updates

  • May 17, 2024

    KG+D (Architects) and Triton (Construction Manager) will provide a presentation to update the Board and public on the progress of the Capital Project at the May 23 Board of Education meeting. The District has received state education department approval for four of the five school building projects and is awaiting final SED approval for work at John Jay High School. The District has successfully bid and awarded work to begin this summer at Increase Miller, Meadow Pond and the new playground at John Jay Middle School. It currently has a bid out for work at Katonah Elementary School, including the geothermal project. All awarded bid work is slated to begin once school ends for the year.

    Bond 2022
  • March 14, 2024

    The District has received State Education Department approval for an inclusive playground at John Jay Middle School and has successfully bid the project. (This project is not included in the bond-funding, but, along with some renovation work at Meadow Pond Elementary, is being shepherded by the same teams working on the bond.) Additionally, final SED approval has been received for all bond-related work at Increase Miller and Meadow Pond Elementary Schools. The work for both schools is expected to go out to bid within the next two week. The District is still awaiting SED approval on the work at Katonah Elementary, John Jay Middle School and John Jay High School.  

    Bond 2022
  • October 26, 2023

    The Board of Education receives an update from its architect. Final plans for four of the five schools have been submitted to the State Education Department for review. The fifth school (JJHS) will be submitted by the end of this month. State approval has been received for an inclusive playground at JJMS. Slides and video of the complete presentation are available below, on this page.

    Bond 2022
  • September 2023

    The District submits final plans for 2 of their 5 schools to NYSED (New York State Education Department) for their review. We expect to submit plans for the 3 other schools to NYSED by October 30. Pending the State’s review, the District is hopeful that construction will begin at some schools in late spring 2024.

    Bond 2022
  • August 2023

    The Board of Education authorizes an agreement with CT Wells/Geothermal Services, Inc. for the purpose of conducting test hole drilling and measuring conductivity in the field behind Katonah Elementary School.

    A test well is a necessary step in the design of a geothermal or ground source heat pump system as it is needed to test the conductivity of the sub-surface geology. The wells or boreholes contain a loop of piping which circulates water to a depth of approximately 400 feet below the surface. These systems utilize the stable temperature of the earth to both heat and cool fluids which are then circulated to the heating and cooling equipment located in the building. Heat pumps boost the temperature up or down to meet the design heating and cooling loads in the school.

    The results of the test well at KES are not finalized yet but early expectation is that the soil conductivity is typical of what is to be expected. The final results will be used to calculate how many wells are needed and the full requirements for the heat pumps and distribution systems.

    Bond 2022
  • June 15, 2023

    The District’s architect presents plans-to-date to the Board of Education for review and feedback. The presentation itself and video of the presentation are available on this page.

    Bond 2022
  • Spring 2023

    Stakeholder committees including parents, staff, and administration meet with our architects at each of the five schools to provide input on plans.

    Bond 2022
  • February 23, 2023

    The BOE appoints Triton Construction as the construction manager for the bond project.

    Bond 2022
  • January 2023

    The BOE and District administration review RFP’s for a construction manager.

    Bond 2022
  • Fall 2022

    Architects and engineers continue to refine plans for each school.

    Bond 2022
  • October 2022

    The community approves the Capital Improvement Project Bond.

    Bond 2022
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Meet our architects: KG+D Architects

KG+D Architects of Mount Kisco has partnered with the District on many successful capital projects for over 25 years and will lead the planning, design, permitting and construction administration efforts for the Capital Improvement Project. KG+D has put together a team of architects, civil engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, HVAC engineers, plumbing engineers, electrical engineers, roof consultants, theatrical lighting specialists and acoustic and audio-visual consultants to execute this project.

KG+D was named Firm of the Year by the American Institute of Architects of New York State for 2022 and has completed many award-winning educational facilities projects throughout the region. 

Meet our construction manager: Triton Construction

Triton Construction has extensive experience in the K-12 public school sector, and will actively support the District across the entire project lifecycle, from pre-construction to construction and project closeout.

Leveraging their years of expertise, they will proactively apply established methods to efficiently coordinate the various approaches of multiple contractors, aiming to minimize disruptions to the educational process during construction. They will maintain a continuous on-site presence, serving as the District's oversight to facilitate contractor coordination, ensure quality control, and facilitate the completion of all necessary paperwork at project closeout.