8th Grade Athletic Placement Process (A.P.P.) Fitness Testing Dates

Incoming 8th grade students interested in trying out for junior varsity or varsity teams in the spring, which include:  baseball, golf, boys and girls lacrosse, softball, boys tennis and track & field must complete Athletic Placement Process Fitness Testing. 

The Advance Placement Process (APP) is a program for evaluating students who want to participate in sports at a higher level.   The purpose of APP is not to fill positions on teams, instead, it is aimed at the few, select students who can benefit so that student may be placed at a level of competition that should result in increased opportunity, a fairer competitive environment, minimized risk, and greater personal satisfaction. 

APP Physical Fitness Test with Chart.pdf  
This is a copy of the test that will be administered 

2022 Updated APP Permission Forms.pdf 
These signed forms must be completed and submitted prior to students taking the APP test. 


Fitness Testing will be offered on the below dates:  

Tuesday, February 28th - 3:00 PM at JJHS Fitness Center 
Wednesday, March 1st - 3:00 PM at JJHS Fitness Center
Make-ups - Wednesday, March 2nd - 3:00 PM at the JJHS Fitness Center

The test components are posted above.  Please submit completed paperwork to the Athletic Office. Please contact the office for any additional questions you may have.

Varsity Option and Independent Study Programs

Varsity Option Program:
Varsity Option is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors who play on a Varsity sport. Sophomores are eligible for one (1) season and juniors and seniors are eligible for all three (3) seasons. 

Independent Study Program:
The Independent Study Program is open to juniors and seniors only who participate in an activity that offers individual instruction by a qualified instructor. It is expected that these athletes spend a minimum of ten (10) hours per week in this activity. 

**Students interested in either of these programs can pick up the application forms in the athletic office. 

NYSED Commissioner's Regulation 135.4: 

ii) Secondary instructional program—grades 7 through 12. All secondary pupils shall have the opportunity for regular physical education, but not less than three times per week in one semester and two times per week in the other semester, taught by a certified physical education teacher, and all such pupils shall participate in the physical education program either:

(a) a minimum of three periods per calendar week during one semester of each school year and two periods during the other semester; or
(b) a comparable time each semester if the school is organized in other patterns; or
(c) for pupils in grades 10 through 12 only, a comparable time each semester in extra class programs for those pupils who have demonstrated acceptable levels of physical fitness, physical skills, and knowledge of physical education activities; (VARSITY OPTION)
(d) for pupils in grades 10 through 12 only, a comparable time each semester in out- of-school activities approved by the physical education staff and the school administration; (INDEPENDENT STUDY PROGRAM)
(e) as provided in an equivalent program approved by the Commissioner of Education.

Winter Sports Information

High School Sports:

  • Tryout Dates for all Varsity, JV, & Freshman Teams:
    • Monday, November 14th
  • High School Sports Offerings:
    • Boys & Girls Alpine Ski, Boys & Girls Basketball, Boys & Girls Bowling, Girls Gymnastics, Boys & Girls Ice Hockey, Boys & Girls Indoor Track & Field, Boys Swimming, and Wrestling.
  • Varsity, JV, & Freshman Registration
    • To ensure that your student/athlete is eligible to tryout on November 14th please make sure that you complete the FinalForms registration process no later than Thursday, November 3rd. 

Athletic Placement Process (APP):

Katonah Lewisboro School District understands that students do not mature at the same rate and there can be tremendous developmental differences between student athletes of the same age.  The APP is not used to fill open roster spots, provide additional experience, or provide an opportunity when modified sports are not offered.  Instead, the APP is used only when an individual athlete's athletic skill and maturity warrant moving to the Freshman, JV, or Varsity levels.  As per Board of Education Resolution, only student's in grade 8 are eligible for the APP.

  • Parent/Guardians of interested student athletes should complete the attached APP forms to the Athletic Office no later than Thursday, October 27th.
  • APP Fitness Testing Dates:
    • Tuesday, November 1st and Wednesday, November 2nd
    • Make-ups on Thursday, November 3rd

Middle School Sports:

  • Tryout Dates for all Modified Teams:
    • Tuesday, November 29th
  • Modified Sports Offerings:
    • Boys Basketball (2 Teams), Girls Basketball (2 Teams), Boys & Girls Indoor Track, Wrestling
    • Students must be in grades 7 & 8 to be eligible to tryout as per NYSPHSAA.
  • Modified Sports Registration: 
    • Opens Monday, October 24th!

The upcoming tryout schedules will be posted on the Athletic Website, Athletic Calendar, and be emailed out to all registered student/athletes via FinalForms on Monday, October 31st for Varsity, JV, & Freshman sports and on Monday, November 14th for all Modified sports.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Athletic Office directly:

Looking forward to an exciting Winter Sports season!


Spring Sport Start Dates:

Spring Sports begin on Monday, March 13, 2023 for all Varsity, Junior Varsity (JV), and Freshman sports.

High School Spring Sports Offerings:  Baseball, Golf (boys and girls), Lacrosse (boys and girls), Softball,  Tennis (boys), Track & Field (boys and girls) and Unified Basketball.

Sports Registration

We are pleased to announce that the John Jay Athletic Department has partnered with Final Forms as the new platform for registering students for sports.

FinalForms allows you to complete and sign athletic participation forms for your child.  FinalForms stores and saves data from season-to-season and year-to-year which means you never need to enter the same information twice!  FinalForms also pre-populates information, wherever possible, to save time!   Click on Parent Playbook (attached) to get started in FinalForms.  If you require support during the registration process, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Use Support”.   Register at:  https://katonahlewisboro-ny.finalforms.com/ and follow the prompts to create your account and get started! 

 Final Forms Registration Playbook.pdf 

 John Jay NY Spanish Parent Playbook.pdf 

 Katonah Parent Playbook.pdf 












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