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Current NYS School Guidance

 Katonah- Lewisboro School District specific guidance recommendations for COVID-19  

When a student tests positive for Covid you should:

Day Zero: The day of positive test or the day symptoms began

Days 1-5: Quarantine (Isolate at home)

Days 6-10: Return to School Wearing a Mask if Fever Free 24 hours without the use of medication and asymptomatic

For Example,  Test + on  9/9/23, and Symptoms started on 9/6/23. Day Zero: 9/6, Days 1-5: 9/7-9/11 Days 6-10: 9/12-9/16

For Example, Test + on 9/9/23 and Asymptomatic,  Day Zero: 9/9, Days 1-5: 9/10-9/14, Days 6-10: 9/15-9/19

When sick or not feeling well:

Parents are asked to keep children home if students are sick or not feeling well and to notify attendance office and school nurse of the absence.

Medical Clearance Post-Covid guidelines:  If a student has had Covid-19 within 30 days of the start of a sport or during a sports season, they will need a medical clearance. The medical note needs to state " Student is cleared, Post Covid-19, to return to Sports without restrictions."