KLSD Innovation Fellowships

The KLSD Innovation Fellowship began in 2017. Fellows who are accepted into a cohort identify a learning focus connected to the District Learning Commitments and engage in a rigorous process of action research over two years. They are supported in a community of learners as they question, learn, apply new approaches with their students, closely examine student work and reflect on their learning. Here you will see that Fellows document their learning journeys over time. We hope the stories found here inspire.

Innovation Fellows document their learning journeys

KLSD Learning Commitment

In the KLSD, we will strive to create learning experiences for all students that are intellectually engaging, relevant, and take place in an active learning environment.

  • What do intellectually engaging experiences look like? How do we ensure that we are encouraging student curiosity, providing an individually appropriate level of challenge, moving towards increasing levels of independence, and offering effective feedback?
  • What are relevant learning experiences? How do we ensure that lessons have purpose beyond test results and make recognizable connections to the lives of our students?
  • What is an active learning environment? How do we ensure that all students participate in collaborative, problem/project based activities that foster creativity, critical thinking, and increasingly sophisticated communication?

KLSD Technology Commitment

The District's Technology Department believes that all students and staff must have equitable opportunities to develop and master both information literacy and technological proficiency.

We provide leadership in working with our schools and community partnerships to ensure that all students and staff have access to computers, Internet resources, on-going training and technical support needed to develop this mastery.

We believe that the technology resources the District provides will enable us to realize our goal of this Learning Commitment for every student.