Welcome to the Technology Department

Dear families,

The KLSD Learning Commitment focuses on intellectual engagement. The District's Technology Department believes that all students and staff must have equitable opportunities to develop and master both information literacy and technological proficiency. We provide leadership in working with our schools and community partnerships to ensure that all students and staff have access to computers, Internet resources, on-going training and technical support needed to develop this mastery. We believe that the technology resources the District provides will enable us to realize our goal of this Learning Commitment for every student.

Please peruse the Technology web page for resources, and enter a helpdesk ticket if you need technical support. Thank you for being a partner as we continue the school year!


Chris Nelson

Director of Technology

Technology Commitment

In support of our KLSD Learning Commitment, the latest technologies are to be used when they can create learning experiences that otherwise couldn’t be created – experiences that nurture imaginative, innovative, critical, and ethical thinking.

When used effectively, these technologies should affirm and advance relationships, enhance communication and collaboration, expand horizons, meet individual needs, and foster personal passions. While technology can increase efficiency and productivity, it should also nurture curiosity and creativity.

We pledge to make balanced and thoughtful use of technology while continuing to take full advantage of non-digital resources and all types of inspiring learning opportunities. We strive to prepare our students to be excellent communicators and learners in all environments, and to be thoughtful participants and creators in our world.