Earth Week

Students are Planet Heroes!

“Be a Planet Hero,” fifth grader Dori challenged all Meadow Pond Elementary School students. “Show your love for the earth every day, not just Earth Day!”

Dori was a special guest on Meadow Pond Review, the school’s daily show, representing Recycling Matters, a fifth-grade club led by Dr. Lara Monasch, the school psychologist. Each day of Earth Week, one of the club members appeared on the show to share practical ways to care for the earth.

The club members each chose a topic that was important to them. "They were excited to share their research on Meadow Pond Review for the whole school to hear," said Monasch. "I am so very proud of each of them!"

Recycling Matters on the Meadow Pond Review

The presentations were global as well as very local

“Earth day is when we focus on our planet and how we can help it,” said Dori. “It’s now observed in 192 countries!”

“You might wonder how you can help the planet,” said Elizabeth. “Let’s start in your classroom.” She brought students’ attention to the two bins in their classroom and reviewed each one’s purpose. The blue one is for recyclables. The black bin is for everything else.

Ada gave the address for the Recycling Center in South Salem and highlighted two local thrift stores where families could donate used clothing, keeping it out of the waste stream: the Community Center of Northern Westchester in Katonah and the Ridgefield Thrift Shop. 

Being green at home and at school

Olivia chose to speak about recycling food scraps at home and at school, sharing a photo of herself turning the compost in her backyard. “There are big compost bins outside of the school by the soccer field, which really help our garden,” she pointed out. “Katonah-Lewisboro School District schools were among the first in the area to have school gardens."

Seven offered ideas students could help reduce water pollution. “Only run the dish washer or washing machine when you have a full load,” she said. “Don’t litter—it will eventually make its way into our rivers.” Marcella focused on air pollution and encouraged students to take a bus instead of driving to their destination. Dylan capped the week with a creative twist and offered ideas on repurposing items into art.