Reusing Boots and Books, Recycling Bottles and Cans

A successful winter clothing drive

The Recycling Matters Club, under the supervision of Dr. Lara Monasch, recently did a winter clothing drive. Thanks to those students’ efforts, 50-pounds of warm boots, coats, hats and more were donated to the Community Center of Northern Westchester.

What are these mighty students tackling next?

For the month of March, the Recycling Matters Club has joined with PARP. Students are bringing in three gently used, elementary-level books. After they are appropriately quarantined, they will be able to choose "new to them" books to take home on March 8th when PARP begins. Families are also welcomed to drop off gently-used books in a bin outside the school that will be donated to Goodwill or other charities in need.

The club is gearing up for April, when the group will be leading an Earth Day presentation via Meadow Pond Live on different aspects of recycling, reducing, and reusing.

Meet the Recycling Club!