Translation Supports

Q & A: Translating the KLSD Web Site

How can I translate the website?  

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the top of the website where the navigation bar is located
  3. Click on the first option of the navigation tool bar in the left corner called "select a language"
  4. A drop-down menu will appear with alphabetical languages to choose from
  5. Click on the desired language in order to translate the web page

If I navigate to another page on the website, do I have to follow the steps to translate the new page again?  

No, you should not have to follow the steps a second time. Once you select your translation language, anywhere you navigate on the webpage will be translated. 

If the website does not continue translating for some reason, please selected the desired language again to retranslate the new webpage.  

What information is translated on the website?  

Almost all information posted on the website is translated, such as announcements, events, photo captions, navigation tool bar, and links.   

If a document is uploaded to the website from an external source, it may or may not be translated depending on the document type.  

Is there a way to access the original text once translated?  

Yes. If you hover over or highlight a specific section of text, a translation box will pop up with the original text in English.