A Letter from the Superintendent (2020)

Dear KLSD Community,  

We are approaching a new school year that we know will be unlike any we’ve experienced. Our commitments are to provide our students with an outstanding educational experience in environments that are as emotionally and physically safe as can be, to support our staff as they support your children, and to keep our community healthy, informed, and engaged.

We are preparing for the coming year with key principles in mind:

  • Health & Safety: We will make every effort to safeguard the health, safety, and well-being of our students, staff, and the broader community. We are committed to meeting (and surpassing to the extent practical) all the mandates from our State's Departments of Health and Education.
  • Caring: We acknowledge the anxiety and uncertainty provoked by the pandemic and all of its consequences. Our students must feel cared for in order to learn to the best of their abilities.
  • Quality: We aim to provide an education, no matter the form it takes, that engages all students in ways that are meaningful and relevant and that fosters their academic and personal growth towards their greatest potential.
  • Continuity: We want our students to experience as little educational disruption as possible when the inevitable shifts occur.
  • Flexibility: We know that we may need to shift from one educational model to another in an instant.
  • Equity: We are working proactively to eliminate structural inequities and to be sure each and every student has what they need to be successful.
  • Communication: We recognize the importance of keeping the entire community informed and of listening to input from all stakeholders. Communication will be timely and ongoing.

One of the great challenges of the pandemic is how differently it has touched each family, each student, and each member of our staff. As a result, there is no single plan that will satisfy all. The plans you will read here were generated with input from many members of our staff and our community. They are our attempt to best meet the needs of all.

Before you begin to review these plans, it's important to know that these are not final decisions. Though we hope the information shared here is helpful, it's most honest and transparent to say that this is not necessarily how school will open in September. This is the best thinking we can do now, in time for today's State deadline (7/31/20), and with the most current information about the coronavirus. Governor Cuomo will share his thinking next week. Situations around us could change (we hope only for the better), and we'll respond as necessary in order to do what's best for our students and our staff. 

To best understand our plans, I suggest you begin with the PLAN OVERVIEW. Access answers to frequently asked questions here. 

Working together, we will continue to refine and strengthen experiences for our students. Working together, we can model for our students that learning and growth are always in front of us.

Please continue to be safe and well. 


Andrew Selesnick, Superintendent of Schools

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We are enormously grateful to everyone who has participated in the development of our reopening plans

Over 14,000 people from fourteen local districts participated in the Regional Reentry Thoughtexchange. Results here. 

During the week of August 10, more than 1,100 community members participated in three live question and answer sessions with our District administrative team regarding our KLSD Reopens 2020 planning. Videos of those meetings can be found on this site. 

August 12 Community Meeting

August 13, morning Community Meeting

August 13 evening Community Meeting