Winter Break 2023-24

December 20, 2023

Dear KLSD Community,

A few years back, while speaking at the graduation ceremony for our high school, I offered the graduates a single line from a favorite book as a graduation gift, of sorts. The book is “Thanks for the Feedback,” and the line, to be used when you find yourself in disagreement, is “Let’s figure out why we see this differently.”

I love the line and the book because they work to keep us connected, and even to bring us closer, despite our inevitable differences. We continue living in times when a common assumption seems to be that our differences must pit us against each other – that disagreement can lead only to increasingly heated discord. Thanks to our students and my colleagues, whose work together I am lucky to see each day, I remain wholly optimistic for a future in which disagreement, instead, breeds curiosity, interest, and stronger bonds. “Let’s figure out why we see this differently.”

As our schools close this week, I wish all our students and their families, my colleagues, and all in our community a restful and joyful break. Whether you have celebrated holidays already, or will be celebrating them in the coming week, may you be surrounded by friends, loved ones, warmth, comfort, and laughter. Happy New Year to all, and here’s to a 2024 filled with curiosity, compassion, connection, and peace.


Andrew Selesnick
Superintendent of Schools