Testing, Vaccines, and Happy Halloween

Dear KLSD Community,

Wishing a happy and safe Halloween to all our students, their families, and my colleagues.

This past week, we conducted an additional 122 COVID screening tests with students and staff. I’m happy to report that, once again, all tests came back negative. We continue to encourage more families to provide consent for your children to be tested. You can find more information and provide consent here on our website.

Yesterday, NYS Department of Health released some updated information regarding testing and quarantine protocols. The State has provided some options to local (County) Departments of Health. You can read about them here. Please note that school districts are not at liberty to make decisions in these areas independent of the DOH.

With the apparently pending approval of vaccines for younger children, we are awaiting word from DOH as to how and where those vaccines will be distributed. Schools have been surveyed by NYS regarding their willingness to serve as vaccine sites. KLSD has expressed its willingness, but we do not yet have any additional details. I will share more as soon as we know more.

My thanks to all my colleagues and all in our community for your continued support and partnership.

Happy Halloween.

Andrew Selesnick, Superintendent of Schools