Medically Fragile Students and Immunocompromised Households

Dear KLSD Families,

Upon the recommendations of both the CDC and the New York State Education Department, KLSD has prioritized in-person instruction for all students for the 2021-22 school year.

For those families who whose children are medically fragile, if it’s your hope that your child can learn at home this year, we ask that you reach out to your school principal (if you have not already done so). Please do this no later than Friday, September 10. You will be asked to provide medical documentation. If, following consultation with our District Physician, it is determined that your child is eligible for learning at home, the learning may be provided remotely by members of our KLSD staff, or it may be provided through an outside remote learning agency. We are still determining the details of our plans as we learn how many students are eligible and the grade levels in which those students are enrolled. We will move these plans forward as quickly as possible, but please understand that learning may begin gradually for your child this year.

For those families who have an immunocompromised person living at home, please complete this form and please read carefully the information at the top of the form.

For families in both of the above categories, if you prefer to pursue a homeschooling model (which means that your child is unenrolled from the KLSD and you become responsible for your child’s education with our oversight), please contact Jeane Stein in our Office of Curriculum and Instruction at Please be assured that Ms. Stein along with Mary Ford, our Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, will support you in your transition through this process.


Andrew Selesnick, Superintendent of Schools