In the Garden

Hands-on time in the garden

The kindergarteners couldn’t wait to get into the garden!

They walked and skipped up the path to Katonah Elementary School’s new garden, next to the playing field, excited to plant radish seedlings.

The day’s warm spring sunshine would be just what the plants needed to grow, the students knew—along with water and space. They had just played the plant version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, looking at a tray of seedlings and identifying which potted plant was too dry, which was too crowded, and which was “just right.”

following the rhythm of the seasons

Science that students can touch, see and taste

Hands-on time in the garden is woven into the elementary school year. From the excitement of planting seeds and watching them sprout to the special satisfaction of eating a salad made from greens they’ve grown themselves, it's science that students can touch, see and taste.

Feeling good!

Seeing the seed to seed cycle

The kindergarteners dug holes in the garden for the seedlings, placed the little plants in and gently patted the soil around them.

The students had a special connection to these radish seedlings; they had started them from tiny seeds a month ago, helped by garden educator Margi Corsello, and observed them germinate. Come May, they’d enjoy tasting both the radish roots and leaves, along with other greens.

Corsello will keep some radish plants in the garden. They’ll form seed pods, allowing students to see the seed-to-seed cycle.