Walk & Roll to School!

An annual october event

Duncan, Congo, Leila and Tom were super excited to walk to school. They'd walked to Katonah Elementary School many times before but rarely with so many friends around. Each kept an easy pace alongside parents, careful not to bump instrument cases and backpacks with their ... noses or tails.

These are just some of the dogs of Katonah Elementary School who joined their families for Walk & Roll to School Day! The annual October event is a tradition at KES and internationally. “It's an opportunity to bring our community together, while celebrating the safe streets and walkability of the Village of Katonah," said Assistant Principal Kweon Stambaugh who organized the event.

The community comes together

special guests!

Superintendent Andrew Selesnick, Assistant Superintendents Alexandra Casabona and Neill Alleva, Board of Education President Marjorie Schiff and of course KES Principal Cristy Harris walked with the students. Nora Beltran, the District’s Director of Transportation, led the way from the Katonah Library gathering point.

Some of the Dogs of KES

Fun exercise

While many of the students said they usually took the bus to school, Owen and Hunter said they walked practically every day. “We’ve walked in the rain and the snow, wearing boots. We like the exercise.”

Jeff Kellogg (JJHS 1973), a firefighter with the Katonah Fire Department who also joined the walkers, was of like mind. He said that he walked to Katonah Elementary School every day when he was a child. “I could have taken the bus—Bus #6,” he recalled, “but I chose to walk. I liked hanging out with my buddies in the morning.”

safe streets for all

The three groups of walkers converged in front of Katonah Elementary School where it was Tim Knapp’s first week on the job as the new crossing guard. He was prepared for Walk & Roll to School Day and helped dozens of people cross the street safely.

As the children head into school, parents (and dogs) stood talking for a moment. “This a great opportunity for parents and kids to come to together,” said one mom. “The kids love it,” said another. “It’s fun and exciting way for them to be independent.”

Enjoying our walkable community

Principal Cristy Harris and students are "Pawsome" Walkers!

Superintendent Andrew Selesnick loved the walk!