Walk & Bike to School

“Hey, we can run a mile in less than ten minutes. Why are we walking?” With that, a group of students took off down the sidewalk, adding running to Walk and Bike to School Day at KES!

Walk and Bike to School is an annual fall event at Katonah Elementary that celebrates safe streets and everyday exercise. One Friday each October, the school arranges for three morning meeting spots. Families gather at the one that is closest to them, and head to school together.

Layla, Saguaro, Fletcher and Obie were some of the pups that accompanied their families on the walk to school. “This is one of her favorite things to do,” said Spencer, grade three, who was walking with Layla.

It didn’t rain because Assistant Principal Kweon Stambaugh carried an umbrella with him.

The unofficial biggest instrument case honors go to Joey, who carried his French horn from the Katonah Library meeting point.

All students arriving to school—walkers, bikers, bus riders and drop offs—were greeted by music and a festive atmosphere. “It was a PAWSome morning!” said Principal Cristy Harris.