Thinking Through the Arts

Look, reflect, write, repeat.

The students in Elizabeth Jackson’s fourth grade classroom gaze at images of art, reflect for a few moments, jot down thoughts, then repeat. Jackson reminds them that they are just getting ideas on paper; it doesn’t have to be perfect.

This is phase two of a creative experience that all Katonah Elementary School fourth graders are participating in called Thinking Through the Arts. The educational program offered by Katonah Museum of Art supports and stretches the fourth grade ELA and art curriculums.

Poet Pam Hart Visits

Students' notes came back out a few days later

Pamela Hart, a North Salem poet and artist-in-residence at Katonah Museum of Art, visited their classrooms and led them through a writing exercise that combined their reflections on art with reflections on their own ancestry and family traditions.

One student combined the visual of metallic stars sparking in the sky with a family road trip and stopping for take-out!

The unit will culminate with a poetry reading at the Katonah Museum of Art, folding public speaking and presentation of their work into the experience.