Kindergarten Math Games

a celebration of students' skills

Some sat at small tables, others spread out on the classroom carpet or found a cozy corner. Where ever you looked in Katonah Elementary's three kindergarten classrooms on the morning of January 26, the school's youngest students and their guests were happily engaged in coloring squares and chatting, tossing dice and talking, moving little pieces and laughing. 

Kindergarten Math Games is an annual event at Katonah Elementary School.

"The games help children explore fundamental number concepts such as the counting sequence, one-to-one correspondence, subitizing and addition and subtraction strategies," said teacher Sheryl Carini. "Teaching their parents how to play helps students improve their metacognitive processing and their vocabulary, as well as boosting their self-confidence and feelings of competence and autonomy."

sharing books and smiles

“What did you like best?” Ms. Carini asked her students after the parents left. “Did you like being the teacher?”

“We played all five games,” said one student, “and I showed my mom my cubby.”

“My dad and I played Four in a Row—it was my favorite,” said another student.

“I showed my parents how we count the days of school,” said another, “and showed them my reading bin.”