Wax Museum

History Comes to Life

Albert Einstein, Jane Goodall, Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan, Frida Kahlo, Serena Williams, Simone Biles … The Wax Museum hosted by Jocelyn Lividini and Heather Carroll’s fourth grade class included all of these famous people and more!

The museum was the fun finale to the Increase Miller Elementary class’s non-fiction unit. Over the last few weeks, the students researched a person who was influential and prepared a monologue about them. On December 16, they dressed up as their person, too.

Just press the button

A Fun Way to Share Learning

First grade teachers Heidi Weintraub and Diana Nikaj brought their classes to the museum. The younger students had to press a button on each “exhibit” in order to activate the presentation!

“We are amazed at how you channeled your person,” co-teachers Lividini and Carroll said to the fourth graders, highlighting their kindness with the first graders. “We are so proud of you!”