Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting continues throughout the school year, building classroom community and developing students' empathy, perseverance and individuality.  Increase Miller Elementary recently focused on the theme Our Differences Unite Us during their morning meetings.

A daily time to grow

As part of their exploration of empathy, Jocelyn Lividini’s fourth grade watched a video about a boy who he felt bad about himself because he couldn’t sit still. His teacher changed his life when she said he wasn’t a problem, he was a drummer. He's now a professional drummer playing in huge arenas!  

“We discussed how often we look at a ‘disability’ as someone not being able to do something, but it is just a way of doing something differently than us,” said Lividini. “We referred back to our own identity webs, and how our identities should be embraced, with all of our differences and similarities."

Sharing stories of self-awareness

Resources created by Compact Team

The Increase Miller Compact Team, comprised of administrators, staff, and parents, work together each month to discuss themes and lessons related to identity, belonging and dignity. Their goal this year is to connect as a school community and bring awareness about these topics through conversation, student visuals and bulletin boards, and resources for families and teachers.

Resources for "Our Differences Unite Us"

Resources for Arab-American Heritage Month