math morning

Increase Miller Elementary’s cafeteria was filled with soft chatter, a little laughter and the tap-tapping of game pieces. It was a Math Morning, a before-school gathering for kindergarteners and their families.

The event was all about encouraging families to spend time enjoying and playing math activities.

“We want to introduce parents to simple games they can play at home that give children the opportunity to apply math skills in meaningful situations,” said Selina Hedigan, district staff developer for mathematics, who led the event with Lisa Burroughs, the district’s K-2 math curriculum leader.

As families began playing, Hedigan and Burroughs circulated throughout the room, checking in and modeling conversations that reinforced learning.

A student playing Make 5 with his mom glanced at his dice and said “nine!”

“How do you know?” asked Hedigan. “Can you show me on your fingers?”

At 9:15, kindergartners headed to their classes and families stayed for a math chat with Hedigan and Burroughs.