The Increase Miller Elementary Book Swap

A PARP tradition at IMES

How many books have been donated? “Thousands,” said Librarian Juli Hoffman. She is not kidding. She’s been taking donations for the Increase Miller Elementary Book Swap since mid-February. Boxes and bins of picture books, chapter books and reference books, broadly sorted by reading level, take up a corner of the library. 

Organizing the swap is a labor of love.  It's free, it's fun and it's good for the environment. "Students leave the swap feeling rich," said Library Clerk Debbie Chumsky, who is an instrumental part in the swap's success.

"The excitement this week in the library was palpable," said Hoffman. "I absolutely love running the book swap every year, but this year was especially fitting because our PARP theme, Wild World Reading Heroes, is all about finding ways to help our environment! What better way than rehoming thousands of great books to new families who will treasure them."

Organization helps readers find just the right book

Fifth grade classes are first to attend the swap. They browse neatly organized sections of realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, adventure, humor, sports and animals. Each student can pick out two books. When kindergarteners come in, on the other hand, they’ll be able to select five books—there were that many more donations for their reading level.

Charlotte gets "The Return of Zita the Spacegirl" and "Riverbound."
Danika finds the "The Whole Story of Half a Girl."
Dean gets "Holes" and the "Guinness World Records 2018."
Michael finds the book he donated—"The Bridge to Terabithia"—and keeps on looking.