What's Blooming at Meadow Pond

dill, cilantro, oregano and more

Kindergarteners came in from a snowy fun recess and slid onto the cafeteria benches for lunch just as Head Custodian Ray Finney and Teacher Assistant Li-Lai Ng-Luongo were placing pots of dill, cilantro, oregano and other fragrant herbs on the tables.

Students recognized some of the plants. “It’s dill,” said Annabel. “I think you put it in soup.” “Oregano!” said Bianca. “I have that in my front yard.”

The initiative to bring the outdoors in is called What’s Blooming at Meadow Pond. Every month, thanks to the parents, teachers and students involved in the Meadow Pond Garden Club, there are seasonal new centerpieces on the cafeteria tables.

March means potted herb gardens

Students, staff and families create cafeteria centerpieces together

“During our Community Meeting, students are told about the upcoming arrangements for the following month,” said Principal Ashlyn Field. Students and their families are invited by grade to help with the preparations.

In midwinter, kindergarteners and first grade students and their families helped create centerpieces of evergreen cuttings from the trees on Meadow Pond’s campus. A few days ago, second and third grade families potted the tabletop herb gardens in the school’s greenhouse.

“What’s Blooming at Meadow Pond encourages students to be more aware of plants around them,” said teacher Keli Mazzoni, head of the Meadow Pond Garden Club. “It’s a fun way for them to become more interested in the environment.”