mystery readers rock

An empty chair ... a guessing game of fun

Ann Marie Friscia’s third-grade class was gathered on the carpet in the Meadow Pond library, looking at the empty chair in front. Who would be their mystery reader? Would it be a parent? There were none in sight.

They asked the district Communications Specialist, who happened to be there, if she was the mystery reader. “No, but that would be fun,” said Lenore Person. Just then the library door swung open.

“Mrs. Hoaglund!!” the students said. “Are you our mystery reader?” Several hopped up to hug her—she was their teacher last year!

“Yes!” said Hoaglund. “It’s so good to see you!"

Books are for sharing

Mystery Readers are a big part of PARP. Teachers and school librarians at Increase Miller, Meadow Pond and Katonah Elementary Schools incorporated surprise guest readers about twice a week during March. This year, most Mystery Readers were parents— a sweet gift for both the students and the readers. Inviting family members adds excitement in a personal way and builds on the theme of PARP—that books are for sharing.

“Reading with someone is one of the best ways to promote a love of reading in children,” said Meadow Pond Librarian Nick Grasso.