Local History

Touring the neighborhood

Bus tours aren’t only for tourists … just ask Meadow Pond kindergarteners who enjoyed one this week! The students took a hyperlocal history tour of Lewisboro on April 16, led by Maureen Koehl, Town Historian!

The school bus took a scenic eight-mile loop—never more than a few minutes away from Meadow Pond—bringing students to six sites including Indian Rock and the Lewisboro Town Hall.

Koehl pointed out facts to catch the children’s interest. Teachers including Marisa Donaghy and Lina Foncello helped students follow the route on a simple map, putting skills taught in social studies into practice.

Maureen Koehl, Town Historian, led the tour

"Who lived on the land before you?"

Teacher Jackie Kovatch worked with Koehl to set up the excursion. She said that the tour was designed to help children to think about the history of their hometown.

“Who lived on the land before you” is a concept that writer Kevin Noble Maillard introduced to Meadow Pond students when he visited in November 2023.

“Look at the two doors,” Koehl said to students, in front of the Vista School. “One was for boys, the other for girls! There was an outhouse in the back.”


thinking about then and now

Kitchawan Lake was the last stop. It sparkled in the morning sun. “You can find a lot of arrowheads here,” said Koehl.

The students nodded; Koehl had visited the school the day before, bringing arrowheads and other artifacts for them to see.

“Can’t you just imagine indigenous people here? The lake provided food and water; it was and still is a beautiful place to live.”

Students discussed artifacts of history with Koehl