In the Garden

“I found a seed!”

The second grader held a small dirt-covered seed in her hand. The outside shell was cracked open, exposing a tiny root. She buried it carefully in the garden soil next to her lettuce, marking its spot with a little stick.

Meanwhile, the student next to her found a worm while she was planting her lettuce. Self-guided discovery was happening in every direction in the Meadow Pond Elementary School Garden!

All Meadow Pond classes had time to plant lettuce in the school garden on that beautiful spring day. The breath of fresh air was an enjoyable, hands-on way for the whole school community to be involved . Garden Manager Margi Corsello had left simple directions for the students, although most knew what to do. Grab a trowel. Dig a hole. Put a seedling in the hole. Fill the hole with soil.

“The students planted a few different varieties of lettuce including Nancy, Green Salad Bowl, Great Lakes and Bistro Salad Blend,” said Corsello.

Next month: Salad Day with homegrown greens!