Stretching Word Knowledge with Goose Songs

A rockin' vocabulary lesson

The guitarist and lead singer from the band Goose visited one of Meadow Pond Elementary’s fourth grade classes on Friday, April 26! It was musician Rick Mitarotonda’s third time at the Pond, on special invitation from his sister, teacher Amy Hoaglund, and her students.

His visit was the capstone of the class’s weekly vocabulary lesson. Hoaglund chose ten words from ten different Goose songs for her students to investigate: misconception, burden, cryptic, disposition, weary, heedless, inquisition, burden, haul and vast.

“The students could listen to the songs to hear the words in context,” said Hoaglund. “They all created vocabulary cartoons for the words to help them understand them better, then paired up to create a skit using one of the words.”

Amy Hoaglund's Fourth Grade Class, and her brother Rick

students perform vocab skits for Mitarotonda