spiky hair challenge

Tech 8 tries something new

"There’s a new series in development called Spiky Hair and the producers need you to come up with the character design."

That’s the quest that technology teacher Evan Lucieer gave his eighth graders, and they are up to the challenge.

Along the way, students flex their coding skills in BlocksCAD, a 3D modeling tool. It builds on Scratch, which they used in sixth and seventh grades, and prepares them for AutoCAD, an application they’ll use in ninth grade Design & Draw for Production. The purposeful progression leans into the District’s Technology Commitment of preparing students to live productively and safely in a technology-dominated world.

Individual and team work

The students work in teams, each member oversees a different facial feature. They draw on white boards, then visualize their ideas in BlocksCAD. While all students are creating code on their laptop, only the team leader’s laptop is connected to the large display. Collaboration happens out loud.