Blind Date with a Book

reading program with a Valentine’s Day twist

Carmelo, Lucas and Kyle rip open their packages, eager to find out what books are inside. They based their choices solely on the four short words or phrases written on the packaging. Surprise and interest ripple across their faces when they see the book covers and, stopping where they are—in the middle school library’s entrance—they start reading.

What brought them in? “We were just walking by,” said Lucas. “I remembered it was Valentine’s Day and time for Blind Date with a Book.”

He’s referring to the reading program with a Valentine’s Day twist that Librarian Jenn Useted leads. “Students have a lot of reading assignments,” said Useted, who also teaches research skills. “I look for ways to encourage students to read for pleasure.”

the library is one after-lunch option

Lunch-time library regulars Tori and Addie walk in next and peruse the Blind Date options. Tori goes with sci-fi and government resistance. The mystery book is a match!

“Are any of these audio books?” wonders Addie. She’s said that she listens to books on the bus, when she’s not talking to her friends. Useted loves the idea of including audio books. “I’m always looking for student input, to make these programs bigger and better every year.”