Blind Date with a Book

Unwrap a mystery book

As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. John Jay Middle School Library can help with that. The first things students see as they enter the library are shelves of books completely wrapped in blue, purple or orange paper. Look closely: there are also a few clues on each package, like:

Escaping a Doomed Earth
Space Travel

Welcome to Blind Date with a Book! It’s one of many engaging ways that Library Media Specialist Jenn Useted and Library Clerk Susan O'Malley promote reading—and encourage students to read more widely.

Easy and fun

This is Abbey's fourth round. She knows she likes realistic fiction, but sometimes it's hard to choose. She said that Blind Date with a Book makes it easy. “It’s fun!”

Finn has also played. He likes to read sci-fi. “I picked a post-apocalyptic book about a kid stuck in Iowa when Yellowstone’s super volcano erupts,” he said. “It was great.”

There's a separate shelf in the office for teachers to play, and Assistant Principal Catherine Graybosch has picked a gothic thriller. "My book and I are just getting to know each other," she said. "I think it might be a match!" 

This time, when Abbey plays, she opens the package to find “Seven Clues to Home.” “Oh, that’s one of my favorites,” said Useted, happy to be the matchmaker between books and readers.