Ancient Egyptian Museum

Each exhibit added another colorful piece to the rich mosaic that is Ancient Egypt.

"Ancient Egyptians invented toothpaste!” said Shannon. “Did you know that one of their games was made from knucklebones?!” said Avery. “They built their boats without using any nails!” said Kingsley. “They were far ahead of other cultures in terms of metal working,” said Finn. “They made everything from kitchen tools to battle axes.”

Over the past several weeks, Team Progress students have been exploring the fascinating civilization of Ancient Egypt. As part of this study, each student chose a topic of interest to investigate. They presented their learning to other sixth grade classes, school administrators and family members this week.

“Students were able to show off their ancient Egyptian research through a highly engaging, hands-on project that allowed individuals the opportunity to be creative and unique,” said Kerrie Ghiozzi, who co-teaches Team Progress with David Fritsch.

The students’ enthusiasm and polished presentations spoke to their deep learning.