Young Artists

Real museum, real work

Small groups of teens are scattered throughout the Katonah Museum of Art (KMA), and the galleries feel full of energy. Students rearrange pieces of art temporarily positioned on the floor, others measure walls and use levels to double check work they have hung.

“This painting belongs next to the large one,” said John Jay senior Emily Fuller to classmates Sabrine Carangelo and Zoe Stevens. “See how it picks up the purple?” She uses a tape measure to make the placement more precise. Zoe picks up the hammer.

Nine John Jay seniors have a piece in KMA's show. “The Young Artists show provides students with an authentic experience," said teacher Amy Stockfield. "While our seniors have exhibited their work in our high school gallery several times, this exhibit allows them exposure to a wider audience and the ability to see work from their contemporaries across the region."

In college, As a career or for fun, Art will be part of their lives

“John Jay’s art department has made me so much more creative,” said Caroline Tepper, who investigated beauty standards’ impact on teenage girls for her AP in 2D Art and Design inquiry.

Ela Mehra explored how children see the world for her AP in 2D Art and Design. She highlights the instruction she received as well as access to materials as stand-out parts of the program.

“Art allows me to express myself,” said AP in Drawing senior Lara Inana, who investigated how ordinary life interferes with our ability to see beauty.

Chloe Jaffe, another AP in Drawing senior, dips a brush into diluted acrylic, adding depth to a painting of two hands reaching for each other. “I love art,” she said.