The MOB is heading to Worlds

Imagine a doubles tennis game in which, midway into the match, one of the players is inexplicably unable to move. The game goes on and, despite all odds, the team with just one player wins. That’s what happened to John Jay’s Robotics Team The MOB at the New York Excelsior Regional Championship on Sunday, March 6, earning them a spot at the World Championship in Houston, Texas!

Senior Rachel Lewis, spokesperson for The MOB, filed this report from the scene: “The third and final match of the championship finals was going to determine it all. In the autonomous phase, for the first time the entire day, ALL cones placed. Off to an excellent start, MOB couldn't help but feel confident from their significant autonomous point lead, UNTIL THEIR ALLIANCE PARTNER'S ROBOT STOPPED MOVING ENTIRELY.”

“In a 1 v 2 situation, in the final two minutes of the final match, with all odds against them, MOB drivers David Bond and Jack Shapiro pulled through. In a seemingly miraculous win over the #2 seed BY ONE POINT, The MOB was crowned the winner of the NY-Excelsior Regional Championship and handed their tickets to the World Championship in Houston, Texas.”

The MOB had generated one of the most dominant robots in New York State.

“A clear focus on team dynamics generated terrific hardware, code and team strategy as well as a flawless presentation of their product,” said Jonathan Peter, John Jay’s robotics teacher and coach of its robotics teams.

He acknowledged The MOB’s individual strengths, too, highlighting each student’s focus and creativity, and congratulating team members David Bond, Orion Brandt, Zoe Dollar, Kristina Fonseca, Brooke Habinowski, Spencer Hadlock, Spencer Levine, Rachel Lewis, Kai Luongo, Will Matthews, Lucas Oyen and Jack Shapiro.

“They work tirelessly, often until late at night,” said Peter. “Whether it's troubleshooting or brainstorming innovative solutions, their creativity and ingenuity never cease to amaze me. They continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, and I'm honored to work with such an exceptional group.”

The MOB will face many more teams with an appetite for innovation at the 2023 FIRST Championship, held in Houston on April 19-22. The culminating annual event for youth robotics will be attended by approximately 190 teams—state champions and international teams from countries including the Netherlands, France, England, Germany, Thailand and Romania.

For this week at least, The MOB is basking in its heady accomplishment, before focusing on the competition ahead. “The MOB is going to Worlds!” Rachel said into the microphone in John Jay’s main office, sharing the news with the whole school during morning announcements.

photo credit: Albert Manes | John Jay High School