Somers Science Fair

Sophomores Shine at Somers Science Fair

“John Jay had a great day at the Somers Science Fair!” said Dr. Lisa Papernik, who teaches Science Research with Krisa Munger. Not only did 24 Science Research sophomores present posters of their proposed research at the June 1 competition, and 11 seniors and two parents serve as judges, but 12 students won awards!

“Incredible! Bravo!” said Dr. Julia Drake, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, in congratulatory note acknowledging the teachers and students’ dedication and hard work.

Congrats to all First Year SciRe Participants!

SciRe students present proposed research in a competitive setting

The Somers Science Fair provides first-year science research students an opportunity to present, via a poster presentation in a competitive setting, their in-depth understanding of the proposed research that they could conduct given proper resources and facilities, based on a thorough review of previous literature. The purpose is to demonstrate sound scientific thinking and insight, regardless of current mentor status.

John Jay High School’s 24 participants were among over 700 sophomores presenting posters of their proposed research.  

2nd place winners

Brooke Volpicella– Earth and Planetary Science / Determining Exoplanet Formation from the Characteristics of Protoplanetary Disks Using High Contrast Imaging

Mitzi Chan – Medicine and Health / Ketamine as a Treatment for Alcoholism by Inhibition of N-methyl-d-aspartate Receptors in the Prefrontal Cortex

Jameson Sandell – Medicine and Health / Use of iEEG Data to Determine the Relationship Between Memory Consolidation and Aperiodic Slope Across the Prefrontal Cortex

"congratulations to all 24 participants!"