Senior One Acts

Vampires! SnapChat! Breakups! Theater!

Flirting through SnapChat—and being privy to the conversations behind each snap—is the hilarious setup of “Chronically Online,” a play written and directed by seniors Maddy Galgano and Julia Johnston. Judging by the laughs in the audience during dress rehearsal, there is a good bit of truth to the script!

Catch its debut performance at John Jay’s evening of one-acts on Friday, May 10, and Saturday, May 11, at 7 pm, at John Jay High School. Admission is $5 per person, at the door.

“Chronically Online”

“Oh My God, It’s Another Play!”

Fun Runs Through Senior One Acts

This year, Senior One Acts features two original plays written by the seniors directing them and two published plays. What unifies them is laughter. 

• “Bloody Murder,” an original play by Alec Schwartz and directed by Alec Schwartz and Ethan Hicks
• “Chronically Online,” original play written and directed by Maddy Galgano and Julia Johnston
• “Oh My God, It’s Another Play!” directed by Samantha Donnelly and Jordyn Blachar
• "Telephone," directed by Jack Pryor and Ela Mehra


The entire evening, beyond the lighting designer, is student run

Senior One Acts are an opportunity for seniors to try out directing and writing plays, as well as for underclassmen to have a last hurrah with their senior friends before they graduate.

“I'm really excited to be directing a One Act of my own,” said Alec. He describes “Bloody Murder,” his original work, as a dark comedy about vampires, murder and doing silly accents. “Acting in them has been incredibly fun and I absolutely love directing!”

“This is the final high school show for a very special group of seniors,” said theater teacher Bill Friedman. “They lost freshmen year to COVID but have been a central part of productions we're very proud of—'Almost, Maine,' '9 to 5,' 'Is He Dead?' and 'Legally Blonde'—since then. The theater program will miss them.”