Robotics Team Heads to States

John Jay’s robotics team Mechanical Operations Bureau (the MOB) powered though challenges at the US FIRST Regional Qualifier at Peekskill High School on Saturday, January 14, and is heading to the State Championships in Utica on March 5.

“The competition was super stressful, but we prevailed,” said Rachel Lewis, John Jay robotics senior and spokesperson for the MOB.

“Our robotics program is more diverse and much stronger than last year,” said Jonathan Peter, John Jay’s robotics teacher. “We’re all excited to go to States.”

The day started smoothly. John Jay’s teams the MOB, Super Awesome Robot (SAR) and Tin Diesel passed through the preliminary interview by a panel of judges and robot inspection without a hitch.

But on the field, each team encountered its own challenges.

“On the practice field, we found major inconsistencies in our autonomous code,” said Rachel. With the clock ticking towards start time, the team regrouped to troubleshoot. During the round-robin portion of the competition, the MOB’s robot fell over, Tin Diesel’s robot broke and SAR’s robot struggled with its grabber.

After the first round of play, the MOB was in 18th place, but the team’s tenacity turned the tide. With extensive code fixes and driving practice in between rounds, the MOB finished the five qualifying matches in 2nd place of 25 teams.