best buddies

a club that brings students together

"Will" - clap! “Biswas” – warrior pose. “Ellie” – a split!

The movement name game, led by yoga teacher and KLSD parent Jessica Knopke, was a highlight of the Best Buddies Club New Year’s Party, held after school in John Jay High School’s cafeteria.

There were as many smiles as students!

Best Buddies Club is part of an international movement to give neurotypical and neurodivergent students a chance to make friends, build connections and have fun.

there were as many smiles as students

“Ms. Mellon” – plank. "Hailey" - tree. "Stephen" - boom!

feeling the support of the circle

“I’ve seen all participants grow through this club,” said Maria Mellon, special education teacher and advisor of Best Buddies, noting students’ kindness and their joy in making new friends.

Club meetings always include a fun activity but this one was extra special. Students gathered around cafeteria tables and enjoyed cake, put on glitzy party glasses and created a word cloud of wishes for 2024, including courage, play, compassion and glow.

When the participants took their places on the colorful array of yoga mats, each participant got a chance to hear their name echoed back by the group, feeling the support of the circle.