Bedford 2020

John Jay Pitches Five Ideas at Sustainability Showcase

Five teams from John Jay High School presented their ideas at the Bedford 2020 Greenlight Award showcase at Horace Greeley High School on Saturday, December 14, 2019. The teams are part of Steven Zoeller’s Principles of Engineering class and the high school Sustainability Club.  The engineering students pitched products that reduce the use of natural resources and minimize greenhouse gases. Members of the Sustainability Club presented advocacy programs that they will institute as part the school’s Sustainability Week planned for early March 2020.

“Bedford 2020 has put together an opportunity for students to learn 21st century skills in a real-world situation and prepare them to become entrepreneurs,” said Zoeller.

Bedford 2020 Greenlight Award

Bedford 2020 Greenlight Award showcase is like the TV show “Shark Tank.” Students must pitch their ideas to experts who can fund their project with up to $500 of seed money.  More than 35 teams from eight different high schools competed.  While only six teams will be selected for funding, all students can bring their concepts to fruition regardless of the funding and have the opportunity to showcase their results at Earthshot 2030, the final round of the competition and a community climate action event, on Sunday, April 19, 2020.