Sustainability Celebration 2024

positive and impactful earth-related initiatives

The buzz of the Katonah-Lewisboro Sustainability Celebration could be heard as soon as you stepped into John Jay High School. Laughter and conversation mixed with live music. It was the sound of the community connecting.

The April 16 celebration, the third annual, has become the crossroads for positive and impactful earth-related initiatives of classes and clubs throughout the district, as well as local organizations. When brought together, the small pieces became a mosaic of conservation and innovation.

Green Jeopardy, hosted by John Jay's Earth Rise Club

A sense of discovery and the excitement of student-led initiatives was threaded throughout the celebration.

“I am thrilled, still, by the energy and exchange that we experienced at the celebration,” said Melissa Brady, staff developer for sustainability and STREAM, who organized the event with teachers Jane Emig and Jim Panzer, sustainability curriculum integration leaders.

A little boy was captivated by the green dragon that Increase Miller’s Green Team made from recyclables, a member of the middle school’s Green Team found just the right John Jay Wolves vest for Assistant Superintendent Julia Drake at the Spirt Wear & Gear Swap, Katonah Elementary students beamed with pride as their persuasive podcasts were shared with guests and science research students explained innovations that could transform waste into building materials. And more.

“I loved touring the District’s electric bus,” said Dr. Steven Siciliano, principal of John Jay High School, who was one of the first ones to step aboard EV-1 when it pulled up to the outside of the atrium.

Seventh graders Libby Field and Sahej Cohen led a break-out session on food waste. In response to an audience member’s question about what drew them to the topic, Libby said, “The discrepancy between excess and need. It’s a massive problem that potentially has a solution.”