Bus Replacement Fact Sheet

Proposition #2: Bus Replacement

In addition to the general fund budget proposition, you will have an opportunity to vote on a second proposition to transfer surplus from the 2016-17 general fund to the capital fund to replace nine 18-passenger vans. This upgrade would have no impact on taxes and no additional debt would be incurred.


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Q. Why do the vans need to be replaced?

A. Each of the District’s vehicles is inspected by the New York State Department of Transportation twice a year. Our decision to replace nine passenger vans is based on their recommendation. The nine vehicles that these vans will be replacing have an average of 206,000 miles on their odometers and are anywhere from eleven to fifteen years old. The new vehicles ensure safety, reliability and durability and lower the District’s bus maintenance costs.

In addition, the new vans are equipped with the latest pollution control features, safety features, and interior cameras.


Q. What is the cost of each new 18-passenger van?

A. Each eighteen-passenger school van costs approximately $50,500. The total cost for the nine replacement vans would not exceed $454,500.


Q. Will this proposition Impact my taxes?

A. No, this proposition will NOT impact taxes since the District has the monies available to fund it. No borrowing or tax increases are necessary.


Q. Why does the District have surplus funds available?

A. The District has surplus funds available in the 2016-2017 budget as a result of lower fuel prices and lower electricity and heating oil prices this past fiscal year.


Q. Why Is there a separate proposition for bus replacements if the District Is following a normal replacement cycle? Why do we need to vote In order to enable the District to use Its own funds?

A. Voter authorization is required to move funds from the general fund to the capital fund.


Q. Why are nine new vans needed when we are experiencing declining enrollment?

The District’s enrollment is declining, but it is still responsible for the transportation of all students. The District covers a large geographic area which requires a consistent number of bus routes. The District’s buses and vans are not only used to transport students to and from school each day; they are also utilized for purposes such as field trips and athletics.


Q. What happens to the vans that are being replaced?

A. The vans that are to be replaced will either be auctioned publically and sold to the highest bidder or utilized for parts by the District.