Welcome to Schoology!

Schoology is a learning management system that brings all aspects of our school district's learning environment—courses, assignments, due dates, announcements—together in one place and allows students and teachers to interact online.All KLSD student devices have links to Schoology​.

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Schoology for Families

Access the Parent log-in page here. 

KLSD has set up parent accounts in Schoology.  The parent or guardian who is the primary contact in our Infinite Campus system has been sent email notification providing access to Schoology.  This will allow that parent to see the student’s courses, updates, calendars, grades for assignments, and work that has been submitted.  

Please view the webinar to acquaint parents with their new Schoology accounts, hosted by Chris Nelson, Director of Technology, Randy Hall, LHRIC’s Senior Facilitator of Educational Technology, and Mary Ford, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.

In addition, you may wish to view one of the below videos about Schoology.

Webinar for Parents

Schoology iOS app

Schoology web version