School Bus Safety

Behavior on the buses and at bus stops is important. Safety is a responsibility that we take seriously. Horseplay on the bus or at bus stops jeopardizes everyone’s safety and could cause injury to you or to others. Parents and Guardians should stress the importance of safety on the buses and at bus stops by following a few simple rules:

* On high trafficked roads, students should stand at least 20 feet from the curb and not
advance towards the bus until it has come to a complete stop and the overhead flashing lights have gone from yellow to red.

* If crossing to and from the bus, always look to the driver for the “universal crossing signal” before crossing. Look both ways as you pass the safety of the front of the bus. Never cross behind the bus.

* Do not stand within 15 feet of the “bus’s danger zones.”

* If you drop something, tell your driver, and do not go back to pick it up until after your bus has left.

* Be aware that children should not carry large heavy bulky items on the bus.

* Clothing and back packs should not have loose strings, ornaments or anything else that might catch on handrails and doors.