Ventilation, Cleaning, Disinfection, Hand Sanitizers


The District’s architects, engineers, and our facilities department, using the ASHREA and NYSED Guidance, have reviewed all the ventilation systems in our schools. They have ensured that all ventilation equipment is cleaned and is working to code and to its highest specifications. The filters used in our ventilation systems are to the highest specifications allowed under the manufacturer’s guidelines. Going forward all systems will be maintained in good working order to ensure they continue to operate at or above the designed specifications.

Additionally, to the extent practical and when it does not increase other health hazards, windows and doors will be kept open to enhance ventilation with outdoor air.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Cleaning and hygiene protocols recommended by the CDC and OSHA will be followed and communicated to staff. These protocols will be followed by all custodial and maintenance staff and will be communicated to all staff.

All spaces will be cleaned in accordance with DOH and CDC guidelines, including frequent disinfecting of high contact areas and thorough twice-daily sanitizing of bathrooms. In addition, CDC listed disinfectant wipes will be positioned conveniently for staff and student use, if necessary.

Signs on how to “Stop the Spread of Germs” will be posted in easily seen locations.