Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

When school reopens in the fall, our focus will be on connecting with all students and building strong relationships between and among student cohorts and staff members during the regular school day.

Although extracurricular activities, including athletics, are a valued part of the student experience, there currently are significant limitations on our ability to provide our typically rich and varied in-person experiences. As a result, in-person after school activities will not begin in September.

We will, however, look to develop virtual opportunities to the extent possible.

Interscholastic sports, which for now have been postponed by NYS at the start of the year, will be permitted when guidance from the State’s governing body (NYSPHSAA) allows.

As student comfort increases with social distancing protocols, introducing in-person extracurricular activities will be considered. We will also consider expanding remote activities that can be available to all students without mixing cohorts.

Whether in-person or remote, priority will be given to those activities that appeal to a wide range of student interests.

Prior to any extracurricular activities starting, the District will develop a policy regarding extracurricular offerings, including which activities will be allowed in light of social distancing requirements, how to maintain cohorts, PPE usage, and cleaning and disinfection, as well as risk of COVID-19 transmission. All extracurricular activity policies will place a strong emphasis on Department of Health guidance.