COVID Case JJHS 10 28 20

October 28, 2020

Dear KLSD Community,

On Sunday night, I informed you of a COVID positive individual in the JJHS community. As a result of that case, close to 150 members of the JJHS community are now in quarantine. Getting the call about quarantine from your school along with follow up details from local and/or State officials must be stressful. Please know we are thinking of you all.

Last night we learned of another individual in the JJHS community who yesterday tested positive for COVID-19. We were in communication early this morning with the Westchester County Department of Health and our District’s Medical Director. The individual is now quarantining. Beyond that, I’m happy to report, due to different circumstances, this situation will not have any additional impact on our school community.

Tomorrow, JJHS (along with all our other schools) will be open for all students in Cohort B and for those who attend 4 days per week.

Understanding that some may have questions about how two seemingly similar situations can have such different outcomes, I’ve added a brief explanation on our website for those who wish to understand more.

To all our families, please remember to complete the health screener every day that your child is expected in school (even if your child is staying home that day). The screener information helps us keep everyone as safe as possible.

Finally, I’m proud to share that in every case we have so far reported, each individual involved has followed the rules to the best of their ability and done their part to keep others safe.

Be well,

Andrew Selesnick, Superintendent of Schools