Portfolio Celebration

A Pizza Box Full of Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing

The first graders wiggled in their seats. In front of each child was a pizza box painted like a tie-dyed t-shirt. 

"Don't open it yet," said Kristin Couto, their teacher. "Wait for your guests and we'll open it together."

The students had painted the designs on their pizza boxes with Christine Eckler, the art teacher, but they didn't know exactly what was inside of them.

The guests arrived--smiling moms, dads, little brothers and sisters, and grandparents. 

"Welcome," Mrs. Couto said. "Inside each box you'll find your students' projects and published writings from throughout the year. The first piece we wrote was a how-to piece. It would be fun for the students to look at that first. You'll also find a small moment, information and opinion books, and a fiction series."

Everyone beamed as they looked through the portfolios and celebrated the students' success.