Learning about the Butterfly Lifecycle

from caterpillar to butterfly

Second graders and their teacher Kimberly Buckley sat in a circle in front of Katonah Elementary School's butterfly garden. All eyes were on the dozen or so butterflies fluttering around in two long cylindrical nets next to Mrs. Buckley.  The students had watched each of the butterflies emerge from their chrysalis in the classroom. Now it was time to release them into the world!

"In early June, each second grade class at Katonah Elementary School received a special package of caterpillars," recounted Mrs. Buckley. "Over the next weeks, students watched the caterpillars grow while they learned about the different stages of their life." Much to the delight of the students, each caterpillar formed a chrysalis. 

"Welcome to KES!"

Monarchs take flight in search for flowers to feed on

"As the classes waited for the butterflies to emerge, the children continued to study the metamorphosis taking place inside the protective coverings," continued Mrs. Buckley. "Finally, the butterflies made their appearance. Students would visit them throughout the day to observe and learn about their unique features."

Mrs. Buckley picked a sunny day for her class to released the butterflies. Everyone was so excited to wave goodbye as the beautiful painted ladies flew off in the breeze