Celebrating 100

Brooches, spectacles and suspenders set the tone for a fun celebration of the 100th day of school! Kindergarteners in Donna Dooley’s kindergarten class dressed up as 100-year-olds to mark the significance of the day. Parent involvement was evident as students shared “This is my grandfather’s hat!” and “This is my grandmother’s shawl!”  

The celebration was one of many opportunities that students have to experience numbers in kindergarten each day as they master learning to count, identify numbers and understand quantity.

experiencing numbers is an important part of kindergarten

Students could also choose from several hands-on activities designed for hands-on-fun and learning.

Fine motor skills were put into action as children punched 10 unique shapes in 10 cards, strung beads and placed 100 colorful stickers on a page, while handwriting and counting lessons were put into practice writing numbers up to 100. Some students even took the paper cup challenge, counting how many they could stack as forts and castles.

On cue from Mrs. Dooley, the small centenarians were delighted to say in unison one of the things a 100-year-old might say: "Hey, Kids, get off of my yard!"

100 days smarter