Identity Webs

Kindergarteners discover what makes them special

“You're part Costa Rican … Let’s draw a picture of that country’s flag together.”

“Yes, you are a good big sister. Let’s include that.”

“I didn’t know swings were your favorite part of the playground!”

Meadow Pond’s cafeteria was brimming with warmth and love as kindergarteners and their younger brothers and sisters, moms, dads and even some grandparents gathered to talk about what makes each young student special.

Celebrating family

Each student is a a unique individual

Using markers and paper, each student created an Identity Map—a visual that looks basically like a starburst with them at the center, surrounded by their favorite activities, holidays their family celebrates, and other aspects of themselves. The project is part of the school and district’s commitment to social and emotional learning—helping children become self-aware is a step towards self-management, social awareness and relationship skills.