In the Garden

Seventh graders burst into the middle school garden—not with trowels or pruning tools but iPads. As they discovered what had made it through the first frost, their pace slowed.

 “Joey found scallions!”

“The mint’s right here!”

"It smells like pizza!"

“It’s sagemary! Uh, is that even a word?"

It was a scavenger hunt, Melissa Brady style. The Family and Consumer Science teacher engaged students with culinary and experiential clues that had them looking closely at vines and crushing leaves to release aromas. Students took photos with their iPads to document their finds.

Brady credits the garden's bounty and beauty to PNW BOCES gardening consultant Margi Corsello.  They collaborated on scavenger hunt clues that would activate students' minds and senses, including: 

  • Find the herb that smells like a lemon. Think: How might you use it in cooking.
  • The leaves of this plant are used in salads, soups, smoothies and made into chips. What is it? Find the plant then see if you can figure out why the leaves have lots of holes in them.
  • The leaves and stems of this plant are prickly. What is it? Think: How would this be helpful to a plant?

 “We’ll use culinary herbs from the garden in the spring. Today is about exploring,” said Brady. “I want to keep their curiosity alive.”