an interdisciplinary project

 Sixth grade social studies curriculum begins with a unit on the first humans in the Eastern Hemisphere. One of the resources that brings the Paleolithic era to life is the Lascaux cave paintings.

“These amazing paintings depict horses, red deer, stags, bovines, felines, and what appear to be mythical creatures,” said Marcia Daley-Savo, social studies teacher at John Jay Middle School. “They are primary artifacts of the people of the Dordogne region of southwestern France  from about twenty thousand years ago.”

"Not only were students able to learn about these historic paintings, they were able to understand the meaning of using imagery rather than words to tell a story," said Jean Capuano, art teacher at John Jay Middle School. "Students had the opportunity to think about what their story would be and how to  illustrate it."

Other Interdisciplinary Lessons at John Jay Middle School

Children make pancakes  with Home and Careers teacher Laura Woelfle as an enrichment to their study of ancient grains grown during the development of agriculture. Lesson designed by Kathy O’Neil.

"Think like an archaeologist" is  taught by technology teacher Carolyn Kelly.  Students study a variety of objects and make guesses as to what the object is and what it might have been used for. Some of the objects that they look at are a 3.5 floppy disk, stereoptic glasses from the late 1800’s,and a depression-era glass pen holder. 

Lesson designed by  Marcia Daley-Savo.